Spark Ignited concept

Pure natural gas engine development and vehicle integration (premixed combustion, spark ignited)

  •  -10% GHG (achieved)
  • 800 km range (range fulfilment fulfilled)

Additional Development Goals: 10% fuel efficiency increase and 10% higher performance in comparison with current engines

FPT and IVECO developed an advanced “Medium Pressure Direct Injection (MPDI)” natural gas prototype spark ignited engine, as well as the related LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) fuel system and the integration of this into a demonstrator truck. The objective of this project was to achieve an advanced truck equipped with a medium pressure direct injection engine with a diesel-like targeted performance and drivability, but with lower emissions. The MPDI prototype engine requires a positive pressure to inject gas in the combustion chamber, the injection pressure was defined by FPT to be 50 bars instead of the 10-20 bars thought at the start of the concept. SAG designed and built a LNG tank with a cryogenic pump to be operated hydraulically in order to achieve the working pressure needed by the engine. IVECO, in collaboration with SAG, defined the necessary system elements to operate the system and be able to achieve the performance required for the engine. IVECO opted for a prototype with a combined system of CNG and LNG. The interface between the two systems was discussed and created by IVECO in collaboration with SAG and FPT. The newly engineered tank incorporates a new nozzle-receptacle prototype according to the definition made in the WP2. Prototype vehicle testing will be performed in Ulm (Germany), where IVECO has his own CNG/LNG station for engineering purposes. Finally, there new nozzle developed in WP2 was not installed in the IVECO station for the new SAG tank, therefore a filling adapter was designed and developed which will provide a compatible fit between the prototype receptacle installed in SAG’s tank and the current nozzles installed at every LNG refuelling stations. This adapter will ensure refuelling for the new nozzle-receptacle is supported in current LNG stations.

Emission compliance Euro VI ->Emissions on CH4, CO and NH3 above limit due to injector malfunction, no PEMS testing was carried out, major engine breakdown

Technologies used:

  • LNG tank
  • Medium pressure LNG pump
  • Spark ignition
  • Direct Injection
  • Advanced valve timing
  • Advanced combustion concept