Press Release – NGVA Europe published new study that validates natural gas as key solution for transport decarbonisation

The study “Greenhouse gas intensity of natural gas” shows that natural gas reduces GHG emissions from passenger cars on a Well-to-Wheel (WtW) basis by 23% compared with petrol and by 7%
compared with diesel. On the heavy-duty application, benefits compared to diesel are of 16% for CNG and up to 15% for LNG. Also in the maritime sector, overall WtW benefits are up to 21% compared to conventional HFO (Heavy-Fuel-Oil) fuels.
The use of renewable gas provides additional benefits towards carbon-neutral mobility: by blending natural gas with just 20% renewable gas, GHG emissions are reduced by 40% compared with oilderived fuels.

Press release NGVA 2017.05 [1]

Press release NGVA 2017.05 [2]

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