Westport, a division of Westport Fuel Systems Inc., engineers the world’s most advanced natural gas engines, fuel systems and components. With a proven track record of innovation, specialized engineering capabilities, and a deep patent portfolio resulting in a strong intellectual property position, our expertise in gaseous fuels and cryogenics has made us the go-to partner for OEMs needing on-road products to meet increasingly stringent regulatory frameworks.

Our fully integrated Westport™ HPDI 2.0 system has been validated as a key solution for de-carbonizing the transport sector by matching the “diesel-like” power, torque, and fuel economy benefits of a true compression ignition engine powered by natural gas, with reduced GHG emissions, and the capability to run entirely on renewable fuels.

We have the specialized technical knowledge and engineering talent that can conceive, prototype, demonstrate, and commercialize the next generation of gaseous alternative fueled technologies to address the challenges of global climate change and urban air quality.

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Website: www.westport.com
Country: France