NGVA Europe LNG Connector Workshop

One of the aims of HDGAS is the definition of a new design for a LNG refueling connector consisting of a fueling nozzle and a fueling receptacle. In respect to the current ISO connector the new development regulates the objectives to minimize the spillage volume and to enable a diesel-like handling. Next to that, partners strive to standardize the design for the whole of Europe.

In collaboration with different fueling connector suppliers a new receptacle design has been coordinated and determined. Technical drawings as well as 3D models have been elaborated within the working group with three different suppliers. In the second half of 2016 one supplier provided the first hardware (receptacle and nozzle) to Daimler. A second supplier will deliver a receptacle and nozzle later in the project. These suppliers have delivered their components to SAG for the tank systems for the OEMs.

Moreover a new ISO proposal has been written and has been presented at the ISO group at the end of 2016. The HDGAS project plans to test the new connector with the demonstrator vehicles and results will feed into the new ISO as well.

In order to gather momentum and speed up the standardization issue, Daimler has organized an NVGA workshop in early 2017. It was attended by members of NGVA Europe as well as connector manufacturers who provided models and samples of the new LNG connectors earlier on.

There was consent regarding the need for the new coupling. Members of the NGVA (LNG fueling station operators) have given their full support to the HDGAS activities and the ISO working group (ISO/TC22/SC41/WG4).

Within the NGVA Technical Committee a new Working Group „LNG Coupling“ was initiated to coordinate further activities (marked introduction / homologation).

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