The first results of the LNG Blue Corridors are in!
The LNG Blue Corridors project continues to create an LNG market in Europe with successful results!

There are 5 LNG facilities built so far. They are located in Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Portugal and Spain. All of them have been working smoothly with a high refuelling frequency: + 5000 fillings in the LNG BC stations, delivering more than 500T of LNG. In addition, nearly 3,5 million km were driven by the current fleet of 30 LNG BC trucks. These trucks consumed more than 950 tons of LNG. The initial expectations of 100 LNG trucks will be exceeded by far, with more than 140 trucks on the roads and monitored.

Moreover it is planned that the remaining filling stations will be in place by the end of this year.
Additionally, as one of the most important LNG market milestones, the first Euro VI trucks were used by Iveco with its new LNG-powered Stralis 330 truck, in accordance with UNECE regulation 110 (LNG trucks and components).

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