HDGAS: Heavy Duty Gas Engines integrated into Vehicles

Breakthroughs in LNG vehicle fuel systems, natural gas and dual fuel engine technologies: Read more…

Concept of HDGAS

The European market for Natural Gas and Dual Fuel Vehicles is modest in absolute vehicle numbers. However, major opportunity exists to expand the deployment of heavy-duty natural gas (NGVs) and dual fuel vehicles (DFVs). A major advantage of natural gas as a heavy-duty transportation fuel is its relatively low price compared to diesel fuel on an energy-equivalent basis.
The project partners believe in LNG as a real alternative for medium & long distance transport - first as a complementary fuel and later as an adequate substitute for diesel.
The broader societal challenge is the development of advanced non-hybrid powertrain concepts for heavy duty vehicles (either dual-fuel or optimised for pure natural gas operation)....

Scope of HDGAS

The overall goal of the HDGAS project is to achieve advanced LNG vehicle fuel systems, powertrain concepts and aftertreatment systems for dual-fuel and optimised for pure natural gas operation engines with an attractive price-performance ratio. And, to integrate these technologies into heavy duty vehicles and proof compliance with Euro VI standards (EU6RDE) and fuel economy targets currently under definition. Read more...

Project interactions

The HDGAS project will be closely following the activities of the Seventh Framework Programme LNG Blue Corridors project as the LNG Blue Corridors project continues to create an LNG market in Europe. There are 5 LNG facilities built so far. Nearly 3,5 million km were driven by the current fleet of 30 LNG BC trucks.
It is foreseen to collaborate with the GasOn project, submitted under the call: GV.3-2014. Future natural gas powertrains and components for cars and vans. The collaboration focuses on the fuel quality sensor developed in GasOn.

HDGAS partner locations

HDGAS partner locations

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11 April 2018 - HDGAS Final Event @FPT Industrial, CNH Industrial Village

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